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The Collective Abroad performs music by seven young musicians from seven European countries. Approaching jazz as a melting point, members of The Collective Abroad try to fuse various cultural and musical heritage in order to create something new and special. Through musical collaboration across genres and borders, The Collective Abroad attempts to inspire cross-cultural communication and cooperation.

Chamber Improvisations

A. Pasaravičienė & J. Sedlák play variations on music by J. S. Bach as well as original compositions inspired the classical music and counterpoint. Melodic motives lay ground for improvisation, which combines classical aproaches with modern aproaches developed by jazz musicians in 20th and 21st century.

Jan Sedlák Trio

The music by Jan Sedlák Trio is inspired by artists such as The Bad Plus, Avishai Cohen or Bill Evans. Besides jazz influences, some of the works draw inspiration in music by classical composers such as Steve Reich and Arvo Pärt.

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